Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wipe That!

You know, I notice one bad habit that most guys posses.

They Can't Aim Their PEE Properly!

The aftermath: STAINED TOILETS

You can tell what a guy is like by looking at their toilet. Of course I meant those who lives by himself lah, or at least one who lives with his family but does his own toilet.

Actually, that wasn't the main idea of this post. But, I don't know how I got to that. Sorry guys, but its the truth.

Perhaps its because of the dirty stained toilet seat in the ladies I just got out from a minute ago. Women, please don't be so disgusting. Clean or at least WIPE after use, wrap up your business nicely and flush down completely.

Oh and by the way, i'm in a fancy restaurant/bar okay? I did not just use a public toilet where hygeine and cleanliness are no big deals. With all the many different viruses spreading around, all people can worry about is being in the public surrounded by people or travelling abroad. Why not look into your own home first, or your own restaurant. Lets start with the toilet okay?

Maybe you could help stop the spread of a new toilet disease, well, you never know!

Sorry lah. Im slacking at VetroBar. Supposedly studying for midterm papers this week. I just needed a break of ten minutes to check Facebook, five minutes blog-hopping and another few minutes to update my blog while waiting for mybitche to come over so that he could nag and push me to study. That was excuses. I am just lazy.

I will update my events on Penang trip, Leyvin's birthday, Nadine's birthday and Casa Potluck once I'm done hitting my head with my econs book in hope that the graphs will fall out of the book into my head. SET! Vokay-Bye!

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