Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Janice De Manice's Farewell

Last Friday at Velvet Underground.

It was 'Queen J's' Farewell party.
Nolar.. not the queen, just our beloved Janice Lee.
Four bottles, three flamings, and a shot maybe?
Queen J gone down down DOWN!
*hugs and kisses*

Looking all-so-gorgeous?

Baby-J & Queen-J, both my favourite thang!

Quratu, Hemaraj, Carol

Jenna, Janice, Serene, Katrina

The Before & After Effect

Aipeng & Kevin

Alvin & Gary

Aipeng & David The Teddy!

Kok Chun, Stanley, Quratu, Jenna, Janice, Aipeng



My two favourite women in the whole damn world!
Aipeng & Janice

What a great night!
It was Hemaraj's Birthday that night too.
I also met John Paul, Ken Nie, Leyvin, Michelle Lim, Pak Ken and a few other.
It's Leyvin's Birthday tomorrow!
Janice will be departing this Friday on a 6pm flight.

Switzy, you're gonna love it!


simonso said...

Scroll up down left right all also party wan wo!

Darynne G said...

That's just an occasional thing ler.
I hardly blog anymore so I just save it for the good ones. Stay put on my trips update!