Sunday, September 27, 2009

Justin-Mustin Turned Nineteen!

In 1990, a boy named Justin by the surname of Ooi was born into the music-talented family.
Growing up as a rascal has given mummy Pauline a very hard time. He would drink up half the glass of beer he sees lying unattended on the table, often make his baby sis cry, worst of all, ......


However, the good o'Lord performed a miracle on him by changing him forever. He now commits to church as a cell leader, performer and as a member, a total different individual. He lives by the rule of God, plays his role as a good loving son and of all.......

still drinks milk out of the baby bottle with pacifier! aww.....

Baby Jon with his babysis, Michelle.

Michelle, her mom and a bunch of their closest friends from church threw a surprise party for him at their nanny's apartment in Damansara. The names I remember: Daniel, Temple, Marcus, Ian, ........ I'm one forgetful old woman.

After the birthday party was the adult's party at Rishi's Bangsar place.
I'll soon update on that.
I prepared cocktail sausages, it was a very last minute thing. There were a bunch of great people I met that night.....and a snake. Yes, a SNAKE, reptile, bulu-roma naik, venomous creature........ be continued.

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