Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manipulation Is Devil's Work

That was such a p****'s work.

I got a warning text a couple of days back from an unknown number of 019-6686880.
The anonymous refused to reveal its identity. So tell me, what's the use of that warning, again?


Then came a comment on my Raya post.
Aduhai... Anonymous and more anonymous..

What have I done wrong? Did I kill your dog, snatch your boyfriend, rape your brother, burn your car or steal your under garments (like how mine just got stolen again!) ???!

ANYWAYS... I'm gonna pass on Guinness tonight. Gotta take care of the sick baby which I so damn well did. To those going, have fun.

Now lets see... Sushi for lunch, Mediterranean and rojak for dinner.....
Up for bak kut teh or steamboat tomorrow?

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