Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hennessy Artistry: Quattro

Hennessy Quattro Crowd

I remember arriving at Bukit Kiara some time ago. Not known it was going to be a 'grand' party (so-called), I was under-dressed, and I had to change in the car. Clement got me a vip pass, Dixon, Jonz and I downed shots with strangers and mybitche got pissed drunk by the end of the night because of his boss. Well, I should have been there. sorry baby..

What I miss most about the night is still the part where I accidentally let mybitche fall into the drain. *laughs*

After that one was another at Quattro couple of weeks back. Honestly, it was disappointing. The drinks were absofuckinlutely diluted and the crowd was too much for a small venue like that. I ended up leaving early with the people I went with.

Oh, have I mentioned that I absofuckinlutely LOVE them? ;)

However, our night did not just end there. Come on, we were dressed nicely, expected to at least have some fun that night, think we would just go home? We headed off to Bar Celona (they have pretty decent non-strip adult crowd on Fridays). Oh, Daniel is like a regular there, I've always wondered why. Jess gave us a good bar dance entertainment, oh, she's really good.


Hennessy Hennessy baby!
I should just join Riche Monde for a year and die of alcohol poisoning. Grr..
*cough cough*

Paul Van Dyke/Saif's birthday tomorrow, Rishi's Deepavali open house on Saturday and cycling on Sunday. Me happy!

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