Monday, October 26, 2009

Like Those Luxury High Rises You See?


More and more luxury properties are developing all over Malaysia. There are the Marc Residence, One KL, Kiaraville, Hampshire, Bangsar Peak, Suria Stonor, One Menerung and so many more that this country will soon turn into Singapore.

Just, how many can afford these houses? It sure is pleasant to even just look at it though. I am often told that property is the best investment to grow $$. Hah. Use $$ to grow more $$$$. That was what my Econs lecturer, Mr.Philip says... ;)

I was actually looking to move out to my own place. Using the search engine, I googled.
Found a couple of websites with pretty photographs and property prices.. you know, the usuals. Then again, I was going to rent, not buy. heh. What I intended to talk about is this site that I came across.


Propwall is a Malaysian luxury property resources website. Some of the things I really liked about the site was the ease of use in getting the information that I need, yes, real informative. Unlike many other websites with pixelated or no-pictures, Propwall has many high quality pictures of every property featured on their site. That gives people a clearer picture of the possible investment that they are looking at without having to travel about. It has property ratings, agent numbers, Q&A, and.. why don't you go look through it yourself. It is really user friendly. I even 'borrowed' some of their pictures to show you too.

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