Monday, March 2, 2009

Boys' Toys

Just got back my lappy today. Happy-Lappy me!

Some time last week, Michelle Yip invited me to the launch of Boys Toys Night (every Monday) at Boilers Room, Hartamas, featuring expensive cars and bikes. Just in case you do not know where that is, it is actually the extended room of Breakers, the newest club in Hartamas.

I was warmly greeted by Melvin upon arrival. Little did I know, Advertlets were invited as well. Which also means that Josh Lim was there too. (ahh.. his face is seen everywhere!) I was brought into the club to meet the Stoned Munkeys bunch. They were not-so-stoned that Ash, being the so-called PR fellow that night, gave us a few complimentary cocktails (drinks were not on the house that night, but buffet was, but I missed it!), tried to con us up the podium with cheap offers of Long Island (heh. Sorry la Ash. still buddy kay? :p), and got a new eye-candy.

They have really cheap bottle promotions there. Correct me if I am wrong, ...
FOUR bottles of whisky + TWO jugs of cocktails + ONE beer tower = RM1200.00
That is so damn worth it!

Melvin Francis, the PR Manager/Club Manager, and Jasmine (Dice's gf)

Joanne Clarks (i likey her name. sounds like the superman dude on tv)
& Cheryl Lokey (sounds like candy, aye?)

One thing I realized, I looked drunk in most pictures taken. hmm.. In my previous posts too. But, the truth is, I was not. It was the stuuuupid Lumix flash! Really..... I'm sober.. always. ;p
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