Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kick Those Bad Lucks Away!

Maxis has finally brought in the candy that everybody has been longing to get hold of, the all new iPhone 3G.

I laid my hand on one five days before the launch to get used to every applications in that baby. It comes in 8gb and 16gb. However, only the 16gb set comes in white which i totally fell for. Besides the 3G data service and GPS function, everythin is a duplicate of the old version. Still a cool gadget because of the games and my favourite was no other than the Texas Hold'em! It got me excited and most importantly, entertained.

Since I lost my phone again, yes, AGAIN, and this time my Sony, with ALL of my friends numbers in there, i got myself a Nokia E71 for a change. I wanted the Blackberry but with the service charges and the two year conntract plan, I figured it was too much to pay for and very troublesome. So far so good, this phone has serviced me well. I'm just hoping to get back all the numbers again, which is really gonna be a pain in the chubby ass.

So did I mention where did I lost my phone? Wow, you'll be surprised. It was at Phuture, yes,, Zouk, and was picked poketted. Apparently, it happens every weekend there. So you guys better watch out for these bastards.

Baby Lappy went in to emergensy wad again, so blogging from my phone, again. Pictures will be uploaded ... Soon.


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