Monday, March 2, 2009

Kaki Mabuk Poppy

On such happening and fun night ended up with a tragedy, the lost of my precious!
O' baby HTC 3G of mine. It has only been less than four months..

Phone: 1999
Capcase* pouch: 99
My birthday present from Joshua: priceless
(okay fine la.. just don't wanna name the price here)

Now, both my accesses to internet are GONE!


Even my friend's girl friend lost her purse with her identity cards, phones and money in it.
What a place to party when you losses things at the end of the night!
Boycott Poppy thieves.
Lucky enough, I met Khean, Hemraj, Razif and Ken Nie there too. Happy Birthday Razif! It was because of running from table to table that got me so distracted that I didn't even realize that my sling bag was unzipped and even zipped back. I was too careless.

Aipeng Photography.

Just look at the AH-Beng Matthew. malu-fied! Both their lobster faces!

Ash: I surrender..!

Andrew & Double Weis'

We doing our thang!

San . Ash . Daniel

ice ice baby..

Michelle . Derek

Derek . Andrew

See! I wasn't the only one wasted.

Thanks Daniel for taking care of me when I was drunk. ;)

I've got a joke for the day!



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