Saturday, March 7, 2009

Think Fashion

On the 5th of March, Thursday, was the launch of Mene collection by Anushya Safira at TwentyOne Bar, featuring DJ Chelsea. Thanks Jess C for inviting over to support her instead of the designer (she was modelling for the label).

After the show, Stef and I headed to Mardigras for some.. uhmm.. Students Night. Sorry to say this, but I really cannot stand that place, it was horrible crowd. (I will only be there because David K asks me to, loves buddy)

Saturday noon. Woke up at three. Pig-out in the room. Bloghopping on mutual friends sites.

As I was doing all that, I came to this site, a fashion site. It was the Rebellz . Wow-ow. I was amazed with the collection. The designers are in like whud? early twenties? Call it talents, inspirations, whatever. It was good, nuff said.

The first click to the site leads to their ad. I think Kimora when I looked at it. *claps* The fashion shots were professional-like, Brian Lu, was it? Wait, are we talking about the same Brian that I always see? (you can find his link on my HUNNIES collumn)
I missed their launch at Goddezz, Mont Kiara, last month. Josh Lim told me about it but it slipped out of my head, daymn. It was too late to get there when Janice called me that day. So yeah. Should they be the next Baby Phat, they better be BETTER! Cheers to all ladies.

This Sunday, which is tomorrow, will be the International Women's Independence Day celebration at Blanc Le Club. Free flow of cocktails for ladies from 9-11 (I just know that it ends before 11). Sayangs sekalian, call me if you're going cause I am. (Joe will kill the blogger of this blog if anybody bails out) You hear me?

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jessbabe said...

You know I love you right!!! thanks to the both of you :)