Thursday, March 12, 2009

Say I


..just had the maid to cook maggi goreng tom yum ayam for my dinner

..just had my neighbour over to fix my internet connection settings (considering P1, but what am I gonna do to my wireless modem that had cost me a bomb?)

..just uploaded some party pictures onto Facebook

..just finished editing the MassColympic tickets

..just replied Daniel's and Gary's silly tags earlier

..just wished I was taller and smarter listening to Light On by David Cook

..just wished I hadn't gotten my HTC stolen

..may be short, emotional, sensitive, lame, and love to have my mind wander around, I am really not a dumb-blonde (this to you syang! and Dice!). Neither am I desperate! (to Ted!)

..have been thinking a lot hoping to see all my new and long lost buddies at Bar Club tomorrow (Friday) for their R&B Soft Launch managed by the new management team (Ash and gang) - you may contact me on my cell (012-8611200) or Ash (017-6553940) for reservations. Only calls will be entertained by me as it auto-diverts to my another number :)
Bar Club RnB Friday night Promotions:

1 Bottle of JW @ RM319 (admits 5ppl)

Twin pack Promo: (Choice of Private Karaoke Room, VIP lounge, VIP areas)
2 Bottle of JW @ RM 599.00 ( FOC 1 btl 20CL Miniature)
2 Bottle of Smirnoff Red @ RM 569.00

Triple pack Promo: (Choice of Private Karaoke Room, VIP lounge, VIP areas)
3 Bottle of JW @ RM859.00 ( FOC 1 btl 20CL Miniature )
3 Bottle of Chivas @ RM949.00 ( FOC 1 4.5CL Miniature )
2 Bottle of JW+ 1 Glenmorangie @ RM 888.OO

Quad pack Promo: (Choice of Karaoke Room, VIP lounge, VIP areas)
4 Bottle of JW @ RM1119.00 ( FOC 2 btl 20CL Miniature )
4 Bottle of Chivas @ RM1199.00 ( FOC 2 btl 4.5CL Miniature )
2 Bottle of JW + 2 Bottle of Glenmorangie @ RM 1128.00

*all the above for Private Karaoke Rooms, VIP lounge & VIP areas are on first come first serve basis, so pls RSVP asap to michelle yip @ 012-2132019, mich lim @012-2808046 to confirm your place.

Promo For Package After 12AM

2 Btl Black Label @ RM729.00 ( 1 Btl 20CL Miniature )
2 Btl Hennessy VSOP @ RM769.00
2 Btl Single Malt Glenmorangie @ RM749.00
2 Btl Chivas Regal @ RM772.20 ( FOC 1 Btl 4.5CL Miniature )

3 Btl Black Label @ RM899.00 ( 1 Btl 20CL Miniature )
3 Btl Hennessy VSOP @ RM949.00
3 Btl Single Malt Glenmorangie @ RM929.00
3 Btl Chivas Regal @ RM1095.00 ( FOC 1 Btl 4.5CL Miniature )

4 Btl Black Label @ RM1199.00 ( FOC 2 Btl 20CL Miniature )

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