Monday, June 1, 2009

Bentong Trip 09'

It was two weeks back when I went on a random trip to
Bentong, Pahang. Never heard of that place? Ofcourse! It is pretty secluded, but a very peaceful town.

It was a trip for five; Aloysius, Charis, Jeff, Rosy Bitche and I. We stayed at Aloy's holiday house that was located right next to the woods. I know.. I know.. What's the big deal, right? Except that we encountered some 'dirty things' for real... ''lor''...

Dinner on our first night

Supper right after dinner for my bitche

Next morning, to the wet market, off we go!

Charis was being the great 'mom' when we got home and marinated the chicken, pork, lamb and sausage.

Some with beer, pepper, herbs, honey and ...... dunno what laa.

The rest of us felt so restless then. And so, we dozed off.

Later, Genting here we come!

Jeff made fun of the annoying tour guide who was talking loudly on the phone all the way up to Genting in the cable car

Yes, yes, I'm short, I know. Bitche.

Our first ride. Jeff was dateless. He was eyeing on someone. Unfortunately, he got ditched in the end..... by a kiddo!

Charis freaking out.. xoxo

After the spinning cup, Aloy........

.....lols Jeff was unwell too. That was why he went hunting for food to make the dizziness go away. Partially caused by the cold bowl of wanton noodle he had in the morning that contributed to his pain. HAHAH!

Going back, my bitche pimped himself up.. I like!

Back at Bentong.. we started working on the charcoals.. fire fire sizzle sizzle

We had so much of food, mostly pork and other red meats.. Me love!

Of all the love bites you've seen, you would certainly laugh at boy-boy caught on action.
Call it love, whatever.. wait till you see this.

.... the blood's for real! It came flowing like the pipe water. Aloy damn ganas but my bitche felt no pain, surprisingly..

Now what about guys being taken advantage of at gay clubs?
It should feel and look like this..

Truth or Dare is always fun. But, mixing black pepper and honey is a
big NO-NO to do..

Tried car-humping?

Flicking shoes out of the house to the dark empty street..
after the first night incident..

Blow Dare

...nah.. it was just the angle of the picture. Aloy's face turned tomatoe red right after!

After the barbeque, we decided to stay for another night. We were all too tired to drive home already anyway. So, since Jeff the culinary art student just received his paycheque, we made him cook dinner the following night. Dayummms!

Syed Jeffrey aka FAIZ
the naked cook!

Don't mess! My bitche and I can flip omelettes okay!
We were well taught.


yo man! do that man! yo im good yoe!

oooh-la-laa! Finally a healthy meal!

A trip for five of three days two nights has never been this.. scary. hahh.

Despite the horrifying part, I believe we all had a good time
licking honey off tighs, barbecuing pork and lamb, getting ditched by a stranger whos only a boy after asking him for a ride on the rollercoaster, screaming our lungs out at the top of Solero Shot, wearing a worn panty over the head, flipping the tomato-mushroom omelete on the pan, humping the car, running into the house when someone saw some dirtyy things in the woods approaching us..... *coughs* *chokes* *hides under blankies*

It was actually a lot of fun.

Well, at least I had
my first experience stepping into the wet market, at the stinky red meat side.. yucckss! Some people there were really uncivilized with the words that came out of their dirty mouth and things they do - burning rubbish in the open air, stares and makes dirty comments about girls boobies, rudely walks away without an apology after knocking into you,..

.................................*sighs* Malaysians.....

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