Sunday, June 7, 2009

Smiles and More..

First and foremost,

I would like to congratulate my long lost beloved kiasu friend,

Royston Ng.

He got married to Yvonne Lok last December!
(I just found out today by the way)

...and they're awaiting the arrival of their
first born which will be due soon..

How beautiful..

People around me are getting married these days.... next post shall be on my two cousins' wedding and my Penang trip. Oh.. one more thing, people are very sexually active too!

Congratulations again!

Hennessy Artistry 09' was held at Phuture last week. I arrived with my bitche when the free flow ended. To a person who has heard so much but was never a fan of Lap Sap, I actually am starting to like their music. Especially after that day's event. They are really really good!

...................................................... ‘Dress Less = More’,
LapSap’s private party is back for their 2nd installment to bring you more crazy fun while spinning their kick-@$$ music. This will be one of their only 2 gigs in June, so give ‘em some love before their Europe tour! Just like the 1st party, e-mail your names to to be invited. 10pm-2am. Entry by invitation for the 1st 300 people only. For info, call 03 2142 2148 or log onto

After awhile, we moved back to Zouk mainroom.

Guess who I bumped into on the way back?
Ruby Ooi! Its been ages man!

Dap Son, the american boy. Michelle L's cousin.

It was Jenny's 23rd Birthday.
A surprise party was thrown for her at Alexis Bangsar.
Attended by Famous Loy, Aravin, Darynne G, Jon Rosy Boy and Chee Kiang The Lame.

It was a really last minute plan that I suddenly got a call from Shan when I was about to follow the boys to Aloy's place for a beer. That was like... one or two months back?

Sorry. Im a little laggy. Always behind time.

HAH! Complain not! I still updated on it! :p ooooooH! Ebelin's birthday also I forgot about it.. hahahah.... wait la wait.. internet connection kept crashing on me. Streamyx SUCKS. I can't properly blog and upload pictures because of that.

Sorry.... this' a really LATE update

CHEERS anyway..


EVo said...

Darynne goh! wahsehhh. sorry didn't c ur msg on my cbox so long. it's been awhile since i moved to new blog so never checked liao. how's life bayyyybe. don't c u around at cali fitness already?

Darynne G said...

Hey.... I switched to True Fitness already. Thats why you don't see me. Do you still join Josh Lim at his events? I think I should join back again... lols