Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1st Month Bitche Anniversary

Our very own trip to Port Dickson. Just me and my rosy bitche. (after two long working nights at the Melaka rave). I sure loved being alone with the rosy boyfriend. In fact, we are starting our blog once we both get the time to spare.

Much thanks to joE my yEng for letting me have the apartment key for the weekend.

We arrived at PD on Sunday morning after Melaka.
It was one long imaginary drive. (credits to Ben Gomes) We two rosy pigs got up in the afternoon and drove out to grab some food back to the beach. Nothing beats having the sweetest coconut in town with cheesy pizza and keropok lekor on the beach with beautiful fine sand along with the breath-taking sunset right next to someone I adore so much.

It was our first
Bitches Trip.

Its the 3rd! today..
A month after the bitches officially got together!
Loved and loving every moment
Cherish and adore him till the last of my toe nail
As yummy as Mcdonald's Mcflurry!

..I love you

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