Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Raves

Freedom 09'

The 2009 Melaka rave, again, I was working.
See the girls in white from head to toe? I was one of them. Yes. The glowing girls.
Good money at least, why not?
The party......
Good music..
average crowd.. which standard dropped..


Blame the stupid truck that was in the way of the fun that we could all have had.
Yes, those fellas in uniforms.

Bet they themselves drink. BOO!

The glow-girls got the special black wrist-tag upon arrival.
It was our first day of work
We had full access to every corner at the party

Then the party started..

.. and my bitche came! :)

Nick L was so sad he couldn't join this shot of us.
Reason being.... it was for couples only!

Oh yes, alot of my other friends were there too.
One of them being Douglas Teo who managed to spot me in the crowd.

The Crews: The Glow-Girls


Knight Castle

Bukit Tinggi.. When again?

It was a rave that disappoints.. A big NO-NO to go ever again
Who was there with me: Wei San, Jonz, Daryll, Leyvin, Shameen, Jasmine, Nick, Andrea, and..... see if they appear in my pics. (cuz I can't remember!)

I love that lil'boy with center parting, and geeky specs..
I love that lil'boy, who thinks he's a superman, running in diapers on the beach..
I love that boy who caught me when I was hanging in the air, then tells me he loves me..
I love that boy who owns my heart now.

I love.. my bitche.

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