Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One At A Time

A mix of feeling flowing through my membrane
Life got challenging as years passes, since 2007
I brought a few down, got brought down by a few
Looking back, I believe it was karma, or pure bad luck
Days of crying and laughing overtakes each other..
finally come down to a point of silly realization
it was all a joke, a lesson.

Learn and Change
Prove to nobody but yourself
Kick the cockiness away
The sun still rises and sets with you everyday
...then, it is a brand new day

Delighted with His blessings
Grateful and Treasure much
For if it wasn't for His lessons,
Life wouldn't have been this Great!

Slow and steady, I will take
I'm just a kid in His eyes
more beautiful gifts are awaiting me
I believe there are...
I am waiting to receive, one at a time.

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