Friday, June 26, 2009

Ruumz Voters' Party 09

Last night, held the Ruumz Voters Party at Sanctuary.

Gotta thank Josh L for the invite/reminder or I would have missed it.
So far I guess I have only voted for Derek, David Lai, Amanda Choe and Ellie who was nowhere to be spotted last night. It was one hell of an event with so many pretty faces, yea, guys drooled.

Flashes of lights from every corner in the room with all the good looking contestants in the limelight reminds me of Artistry all over again. Good fun.

I was given the blogger pass, a ruumz lanyard with a lil notebook attached and a few drinks coupons. My Bitche, Jeslyn, Illyanna, Yunda, Fu Chao, Jing Xiu, Edwin, Gavin and a many other were there last night.

Now, when's the next party?

The photographers went nuts!


Jiggie-Jon the emcee

Let the pros do the photo-talking. Obviously, they are way better than mine.
What am I to compare? I ain't holding any of those cool DSLRs..

Sponsor, anybody?

Josh Lim, as you know..

The hot contestants

Derek doing his thang. Vote him!

The peops behind the scene

Andy Kho, photo credits to him

Illyanna & Jeslyn

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