Sunday, July 5, 2009

Worst Marriage Proposal?

I've a friend who once told me this story of hers.

"I was on a trip with my boyfriend when he bought me a diamond ring from Habib. It was our anniversary that day, so, I did not think much. Few weeks later, I got admitted into the hospital and undergone a surgery. That morning after the surgery, I woke up with a sudden curiosity. I then asked my boyfriend of what was the ring for, and he said, "engagement ring".
I fainted"

She did not accept 'the proposal'.

After days of dissatisfaction, she finally told him to properly propose or she will not marry him.

Well, boys being boys at times, guess what he did?
He woke her up one morning and said, "Dear, marry me?"
With her eyes half opened, "Ask me again later, now let me sleep", she rejected.

Few days later, they both went for his family dinner. Upon arrival, they were congratulated by his relatives and some other. "OH... Congrats! You're finally getting married! When's the dinner???"

Wow. How romantic.

Now, watch this..

The Proposal

Would I marry my bitche?
Ask me again in five years, TQ.

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