Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hennessy Artistry 09'

25th of July 2009, Bkt Kiara
It was my third Artistry experience, and i'd say the best by far..
(well, at Orange, Jonz and I got challenged by the kiasu old man to drink till we drop dead. On the Lapsap night, mybitche and I were late and Zouk was too small of a place to hold such big event..)

This time around, I had lots of fun. Almost miss it though..
Thanks Clement! *sayangs botak*

When I got there with mybitche, we met his colleagues. So, we decided to settle with them. Me being the usual Miss D, cannot stay put. I escaped to the bar outside to grab some shots with Dixon and Jonz when they called. (Its not like there weren't drinks at O, it was constantly being served at our table, just that I don't getta drink happily with my babes). Out there, we were being real alcoholics downing shots with strangers and people we just met. Stumbled upon Roen, Prem, Roshan, Sonia Y, Nick Lim, Rachel C, Alan T, Ezra, Victor T, William, Vincent L, Eugene, Azre, Gwen, Marcus, Ebelin, Josh, Marcus, Epa and all when I was busy running with the boys. *monkeys jumping and clapping*

I haven't seen them in ages!

After all that, I flew back to my nest of comfort. :)
Awhile later... I carried a drunkard bitche out.. off to the loo.. off to the car.. off to the nearest convenient store, off to his home where I accidentally let go of him and off he fell into the drain. hohoho! It was unintentional baby. im sorry. *ROFL* It was chaotic. but funny.

oh. The drunkard driver who rolled over a cop then got beaten up like a pig that night, don't worry, it wasn't me. "Poor fella must be crippled", says Alan T.

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