Thursday, July 9, 2009

Durian vs Satay

Couple of weeks back, I went on a durian trip to Kelah, Ulu Langat.
Completely clueless of the whereabout, only knew I needed twenty bucks for the eat-all-you-can 'durian kampung'. (Cheaper in ss2. Only ten ringgit!)

The owner brought us on a lil'tour and showed us around on his property.
To my surprise there was a beautiful house with a private swimming pool surrounded by mother nature. I wouldn't mind such house for my random weekend getaway from the urban city life.

Some details for you if interested to check it out ;)

Next was the Kajang Sate. Forget Haji Samuri, these were better!
Chicken, beef, lamb, duck..... you name it!


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