Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Be Envious

The Mah-Dongs proudly brings you to ENVY!
(The Mah-Dongs = Mahjong dingdongs)

Me loves the Mah-Dongs! My Mah-ty~Party Mates!
wooooooo!hoo! lols. lame.

Nah.. Thanks Evo & Leonard for the invitations. It was the former Garage, Solaris Mont Kiara. We were given a mug and a digital frame as door gifts. sweet. I thought we got a new phone when we saw the little black box! He was better, he thought we got a bottle of alco each!

There were free flow of beer, wine and catered food that night.

Who says you can't meet clients and negotiate million bucks business in clubs!
At Envy, you can. *cheh cheh cheh. so advertorial.*

Leonard & Derek

mybitche, my drug, my alco.
the cold and emo one..

off to Loy's place for second round.

Mom in-law: Charis
Dad in-law: Loy
Siblings: Jon, Faiz & Prabesh
Daughter in-law: DARYNNE! MEMEME!!!

It's the Choong Family!

Malaysian races united! wait.. herh?

1 comment:

Leonard said...

Hey Darynne.

Good seeing you and having you at ENVY the other day.

Do drop by whenever you like...
It'll be great having you and your friends there.

Take Care ! *smile*