Wednesday, November 12, 2008

That's My CiliPadi Love!

Looking back at those younger days makes me feel ..different.
Just look at them..

Fifteen and know nothing.. Innocence filled smiles..
Oh. Most obviously, no makeups.

How bare..

Then graduated in 2006, left school with a tearing heart.

Missing our rebel moments, Paandi's after tennis practices, LEO IU nights, cheers....
and the list goes on.

My o My.. didn't realize how round was my face back then.
I mean it's not like my face isn't round anymore, it still is, just sharper. lalala~

I looked so retarded. =_=ll

Then we had a lil catchup at Ebelin's new place. Very nice.

I still had my long hair until I chopped it off in June this year.
Glad I did though.

I feel so much lighter now and it is much easier to maintain except the maintenance you do monthly with more spent on hair products.

hmm.. and now they baked me a heart-shaped Banana Chocolate cake with a sinful pinch of love on my birthday.

How not to love them leh?


Love Always..

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