Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's That Flying?

Picture yourself enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon on the golden sandy beach of your favourite. The strong ocean breeze combs through your thin fine hair. The wind was so strong you feel so light like you are in the midst of tsunami.
It feels like heaven.

As you stretches out your arms you inhales the air of fresh sea water, then all of a sudden, ... a huge flying saucepan flies directly to your face. *keerrpangg!*

Next thing you see when you widen your eyes are birds and stars twinkling and circling your head blurring your vision. On the second blink, you look carefully and the birds transform, slowly growing antennas, dropping off its feathers bit by bit, it turns into this blackish-brown disgusting looking thing called The Cockcroach.

One after another, it crawls up your body and soon your entire body is covered with cockcroaches and the worst part is you have one gets stuck up your nostril!

You starts running and screaming and tries so hard to flap it off your body but it just wouldn't let go! No one bothers to take a second look at you, instead, they starts pointing at your silly actions with your stupid face screaming like a retarded mommy's boy as they holds their stomach and rolls on the floor because they laugh too hard.

yeah. May the cockcroaches haunt you for the rest of your life!

What would I be if I was an insect?

A Periplaneta Americana COCKROACH! with super long antennas and wings..
*evil grins*

I'll be hiding under your bed and crawls out to scare the hell out of you every night and give you nightmares even on your wedding day!

I didn't know. It didn't show. I was right. You denied. I was loving. As a rebound.
Blinded by your acts. Blinded by your lies. What a show. Right before my eyes.
Fallen for a player. Yet another unanswered prayer. Played and used.
Chucked aside like an abandoned toy. Buried at your backyard. Along with a pierced heart.
Hurt more than tongue piercing. Kept me in hope for nothing.
Self-made laughing stalk. Disappointment took me for a walk.
In the garden of blades and thorns. Wish for my love to never be born.

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