Saturday, November 15, 2008

Farewell Goodbye

Our Eugene T turns 18 today!
The one boy that will always be loved and protected.
The boy who grew with The CiliPadis.
Happy Birthday

It was a surprise that came to my doorstep this noon.

SQ came over to my place, handed me a present and left.
hmm.. I was thinking to myself, what was in that small rectangular box.

*unwraps it*

A necklace with pendant in shape of my name I once told him I wanted, long ago.
Sweet lil'ole boy remembered. It was pretty.

Thanks, again. :)

For the sake of seeing who Josh's sis, Fooz, Hancel* and I followed Josh to his sis' college Halloween party where she performed. -Segi Subang

Well, it was quite amusing.

The event made me feel more proud of Project Knock: A Knock To Remember. *whistles*

Then as I was walking out of there, I stumbled upon this eye-catching notice board.
Take a look.

-NO sleeveless
-.....with sleeves
-badge must be worn or student ID card?

err... the emphasis on the no-sleeves was made a crime. huh?

Welcome to Malaysia.

Studying with Syafiq + no-greens-scenary = Distraction

However I managed to cover two topics of CRM at Segafredo. Prrroud!
It was Alphone's farewell dinner after that @ Friday's.
He left to Indonesia at 12 in the noon today.

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