Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quantum of Randomness Ended in JB

Took a trip down to JB last week. Why? To check out the monsoon. Unfortunately, 'some' people did not bother to check weather forecast and then oneraindroppuntakda!. Champion lah.

It ended up being a makan trip again.

Meet up point: Bukit Jalil (Fooz's). The champions were Josh, Fooz, Shan, Jenny and ofcourse, myself lah.


Look Look! Shan made us each a party pack! We had cheese-egg sandwich, sausages, nuggets and a piece of chocolate. Mine was packed into a Barbie bag! aww.. :))


Journey continued.

So lets see. Journey started in Bukit Jalil, to Seremban, to Kota Tinggi for dinner, then Desaru for the beach. No No.. wait! That's not the end yet! Some pigs had cravings for satay so we went hunting for it at Kajang before going to Semenyih because the stall was close.

I finally tried my first ever fish satay!

In total I ate five times that day. (lunch at home, Shan's pack, Seremban Siew Pao, dinner, and Satay)

Kent Inventing @ Space
1st of November, another Kent?

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Later as it got too boring, I wanted to run outta there so badly, Steff, Blah and I went to join Matthew at Heineken Green Room @ Zouk. Alfred, Big Guy and Cindy were there too. So yadda-yadda.. Velvet, here I come! I felt so intimidated by all the tall chicks there. oh my my.. *looks at myself* Sigh.

Premiere Screening of 'Quantum of Solace', the Exclusive.
..followed by The Journey with Bond Party on the 31st of October, the Halloween night @ The Gardens.

Credits to Fooz-Mooz. Sadly for him, everyone was eyeing on him that night for being the boss' son. Eh-heh. Behave, kidd..behave.

First comes the Martini, the Rosemary, then more wine and rounds after rounds of champagne. wollllla! Awesome-possumness..

Syokness to the maximum!

Then, ofcourse, our very own after party. The favourite spot at Poppy Garden. yeehaw! Joshie-Washie almost crashed a couple of times on the way there because the alcohol made him 'sleepy'.

DG: "JOSH!! GO!!! ...nono!! BREAK!!"

Joined Daniel, Rachel, Balvin, and a couple more.

So yeah. Just got home from some weird place to have yummy satays, Red Box with Ebe and all, and Sanctuary with Zap. woots. sleepy.

Josh and I took a trip down to the ultimate big day location yesterday.
I'm like so freaggin excited right now. *jumps around* That place was beautiful. :))

Later today will be at Sanctuary again. I'm saving up for my birthday getaway so I'm just gonna have my usual party nightout without having to open a bottle by myself.

I'm very kiamsiap. lalala~ But anyway, just come and have some fun with me alright.
The more the merrier!

Lemme tell you a story..

This incident took place at Classroom Seven on Sunday at 2.30am.

*We were watchin The Wrong Turn 2*

Leyvin: ehh..how come they ended up there one??
Joel: ....cause they took the wrong turn lah! (guessed boldly)
Leyvin: *stare cock Joel*

*we all started laughing at Leyvin*

Leyvin: *asked some questions*
Joel: .$g^#j&$! because of wrong turn......^%$
Leyvin: *=_=ll*

Thurday will most likely be Euphoria, then Friday at SupperClub for the opening/soft launch. Ring me if we're heading the same place. Love love.

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