Monday, November 17, 2008

Eugene Tham Turned 18!

yuup, That's absolutely correct!
Our big boy Eugene is all grown up!
*sigh* Reminiscing the days back in year 1999.. He was like this fragile little snowball sticking to the CiliPadis wherever we go. He's always been the sweetest little boy. I recalled this once when we stood up for him because of some fool tried to make Eugene do his work in highschool.
Dude.. that boy was freaked out. hah.
So, Eugene being the only boy who grew with us, also the only one we will always love and protect. -omg. I am lame-
So yes, his birthday party was held at the Tham Residence.
...with plenty of food served on the table for barbeque..
..hell lots of beer supply which ran out later.. even the alcohols were finished
-Josh was drunk by midnight and sobered up real soon-
..with the CiliPadis gathered under the same roof
The night was satisfying.

Aipeng has now became Cadbury's mak-susu. Too bad she couldn't produce susu yet, or Cadbury would've hired her boobs instead of using cow milk that might contain Melamine. Not unless if our darling here doesn't practice safe sex lah.

muah. you know i love you. ;)

WOOW! Michelle's got a new haircut! The Ultimate Mushroom style!
Janice calls her "Ah-Wong".

If she's not cool, she's not Michelle. Oh man..

Credits to Gary Cheok who grilled us CORNS and MUSHROOMS all night long! yeah.. burnt ones too.

He's got a new haircut too! LOLS

Look. Vannessa, the cousin of my long lost buddy, Debbie Tan. Like seriously. She's long lost.

Can you spot Tan Sri Liang's brother? I know! I was surprised to see him with Eugene's classmates too!

Born on the 15th of November 1990, he's now eighteen. A Fashion scholar at Raffles college, he will someday become the next Gucci and make Darynne G the ambassador.

At least gimme an extra special VVVIP pass la deyh.

The Tham Family

Pubic hair or bulu ketiak? Its edible.
Both the dick and hair.
-No dicks were chopped at this event. Or not.-

Hey! That was a really cool cake okay! shut up.

The Ice Passing Game

-never play with Janice as she spits.. ALOT!-

....when the ice went wrong

Sexy sial! Me love CiliPadi-E too! :)

-someone thinks Vannessa's hot-

Don't we just adore Michelle? OH! Sie Yuen was drunk again!

Hope you had fun.

Your present is on the way. :)

Happy Birthday!

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