Friday, November 28, 2008

wooo This' hard.. testinn one twoee..
Experiencing my first time blogging on PDA.
Syok-sendiri-ness moment of DG again.

Lovin my new HTC Touch 3G,
Hate the fact that it doesn't come with the sliding keyboard..
which would cost me over 2k for a phone.

craazee arr.

It's now Friday, finally come to an end of the week
where I can bum in bed all curled up in quilt till noon..

I've finished a yummy bowl of wantan soup noodle at Chopstick Noodle House and
yet Ebelin's still not done with her work.
Alright, I'm at Midvalley after work.. intended to attend the MIFA fashion show by Galo but I was too late.
Sorry Victor and wife, I believe your collections were magnificient!

I was at Zouk for their re-opening last night, not bad. Pictures will be posted once I get it from Mich. ;)
I'm going blind soon with these tiny fonts. cb.

Enough of gibberish lar. Love.

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