Sunday, December 7, 2008

ATTRACTED. Not Anymore.

Dunhill @ Quattro
5 December 2008

Don't think we'll ever stop luvin' it!

Winter bar was extra ordinarily cold that night.

Gideon: Is it really that cold inside? Should we rent a jacket?

DG: nah ler.. not that cold. The last I came here was alright. We don't need the jackets. :)

*walks into the bar* *looked at each other*

Two minute later..

DG: Cannot tahan! Too cold. Lets go for a smoke! :S

So guys, if you've a favourite coat that's been lying in your wardrobe for a long time,
because its summer all year long in Malaysia, duuh,
you can now show it off at the Winter bar, Quattro.

DG tagging Josh, Shan, Jenny, Fooz, Sue Ann, Matthew, Gideon, Rishi, Gerald, Patty and Kesh.

Gideon . Jenny . Gerald . Josh

Gideon . Shan . Jenny
Shan looks cute here. hahah. Famous Loy!

Gideon! Why is he attempting to kiss Matthew again?
*covers eyes and run away*

This shot looks so wrong.
Wow.. Now we know what Sue Ann is into nowadays.
~wooohw! Shiny disco pants!~
tsk tsk.. Fooz..............
*DG thinks he's gettin a hard on now.. *

The Sex-Maniacs..


He reminds me of somebody. hmm..
Gerald! Do your job as a boyfriend, dude. Be nice and loving!

Gideon . Matthew . Josh . Gerald . Shan

All focus on Gideon, Josh and Rishi please...
Now, that's what I'm talking about.

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