Monday, December 1, 2008

You Gotta Love DG!

HPC Sepang (High Performance Challenge)
30 November 2008

People from all walks of life came together for a safe race on the real track. Big boys and big expensive toys will never go wrong together, neither will they fail impressing others.

I was there distributing flyers for 3M so I didn't get much of my own time to snap pictures. However, you may click here for some clearer and closer shots.

There were lady drivers as well, and that was so sexy. I should start to work my ass off for some fucggin nice rides with good speeds and hit the road looking oh-so-fabulous!. *dream on*

Hansel's Belated Birthday @ Supper Club
29 November 2008
Just like any other ordinary clubbing nights,
except that there was an increased number of Sg.Wang people dominating the place. yaihks!
"I'm a turn on.. You're a turn off.. go check the dictionary."-Rachel C
Steffie's cousin from Philadelphia, Andrew, came to join us later that night. It was Long Tran's last night with us before he left for HK the next day. Thanks for the wine and good moves you have there. ;)

No.. that's not Hansel. Han was hiding somewhere..
and this' Muru's friend at the next table.
Btw, he suck at drinking..big time. :)

Bar Celona
28 November 2008
It was after work, after MIFA.. Good fun with the 'tourists'..

Zouk Revamped!
Six new looks under one roof.
The Grand Opening took place on 27 November 2008, hosted by Serena C with the 'Curtain' performance by the dancers, or whatever that was actually called (curtain).
In Zouk we have..
the mainroom playing Dance, House and Electro; Velvet Underground with Mambo Jambo; Phuture, Aristo, Terrace Bar (coming soon..) and Barsonic will be ... read more and ..
Take a Sneak Peak. *click on Sneak Peak*

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Sweet Thanks to Advertlets for the lovely invites. ;)

Bar Club by Ley Vin
He planned and did the invitation for our rare-to-find get-together nightout!
I would've stayed at Supperclub if it weren't for the darlings.
That night was also Derrick's Birthday at Space.
He was drop dead when I went over to see him.
Lousy boy didn't have me to drag him into the toilet and shove lemon slices into his mouth.
Miss me ler?
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DG, she's lovable, kissable and irresistable!. ;)

Sexy Jess! Sexy Ass!

Euphoria on the 20th and Mist on the 26th.

Now, can I have my break already?
One week down, seven more to go.
DG started travelling to work by public transports, besides the funny body odours every morning, it wasn't that bad after all.
Driving to KL is HELL. Believe me when I say that.
Much spent on parking petrol and time.
I just need more work to do at the office. More responsibility.
DUh. That's what internship is all about, right?
DG's never that kinda person who can sit for long doing nothing.
That pretty much explains why I'm only seen home when I need to.

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