Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thrilled by The Moment of Status Change

Fourteen comments on my latest status on Facebook in less than an hour time.
To sum it up, it would be thirty-nine comments, four wall posts and two MSN messages.

Guess people were really excited to hear that I stepped out of the solo world.
It has been seven months and lovin' it.

Some actually thought I turned into lez. You guys really amuse me.
I'd rather be spinster ya knoe. hehe.

The truth will reveal at 4.15pm today. Keep rollin' baby!

Jerry.. work on the domain already! :)

1 comment:

Jon Ming said...

hey... sorry I can't find your chatbox. my internet is being unfriendly tonight, so your tagboard isn't showing, if you do have one.

I charge based on complexity and number of items (eg header, links images, sidebar headers). and also coding, if you need it too. I haven't come up with standardized charges yet, coz i'm still having my finals till next wednesday.

If you'd like an arrangement, you can e-mail me after the 18th of dec, when I'll be more free to start my designs.