Monday, December 8, 2008


First and lastly, I would like to wish these three awesome hotties a Happy Birthday!

Syafiq (22), Jess C (20) and Winston (25)

Stay the same, change only for the best, and have fun.

7.30 in the morning, I bounced off the bad, "oh shyt I'm late!"

To my surprise, when I reached KL at 9, there was no jam at all. That was very rare.
However, the haze was so bad, I couldn't even see the car next to mine!

Now, that was a joke.

But, the haze was pretty bad, especially when I winded down my window for a smoke.....
*inhales and coughs*

A layer of clouds-lookalike could be seen right above the city of Kuala Lumpur when I was at the Lookout Point with Sue Ann, Steffie, Josh and Fooz last night. However, it was indeed a beautiful view of the city we had up there.

Lets trace back to 6th December.
Phoebe, Syafiq, Joanne and Leon's joint birthday party @ Summit hotel Room 2014.
Prada and gang planned out the whole surprise party for them.
How sweet can they get?

They filled the bath tub with cans of beers soaked in ice water, brought bottles of Dewar's, Alvin bought cupcakes and Cheryl fried and served nuggets and fries.

They completely turned the room upside down.
Empty cans were all over the place, unfinished cupcakes (mine) were lying on the table, plastic cups everywhere and everything was out of place by the end of the event.

Syafiq was drunk when I left for Supperclub to join Shan, Rishi, and all.. Let me just tell you this, I really really really really really dislike that jinjang place. It is the new Bar celona.

Shell Advance @ Sunway Piramid
Forced to become a replacement for the last promoter could not be found.
It was the last round of Shell Advance roadtrip.
From Penang being the first destination, a round back to KL.
I did the opening, as well as the closing.
Boss: I still think the first batch was the best of all..


I'm........ going to shop for Jess' present now.
Can't wait to get her drunk tonight! :)

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