Monday, December 29, 2008




Messed up again.

Cut me some slack. I'm just an ordinary.
I don't do wonders.

Streamyx connection is down again, or is it my pc problem.
Panasonic is taking forever to fix my camera, therefore, many moments uncaptured.

The moment on my first experience attending a Punjabi wedding.
The moment on Jess Chong's 20th Birthday.
The moment when I saw many different beautiful decorations and Christmas trees at the mall.

It's a festive season, uncaptured.

Wow. To my surprise, I really depend too much on my planner to help me recall the events in the past days. Every column of daily activities sure were taken up. Honestly, there was like a gap on my memory strip because so many things happened in the last two weeks that I couldn't even catch up with it. My internship is coming to an end, my journey continues, trying to make it more adventurous. I don't wanna leave the surface of the earth, unknown.

It is time to get serious, party people.

Here's my 2009 Resolution.

One. Attend the church. Say more prayers.
Two. Strive for better grades.
Three. Earn more money to send myself abroad.
Four. Be a better person. Self Improvement.
Five. Lose 7kg. What can I say? Every girl wants to be beautiful.
Six. Be healthier. Man.. My body can't take it anymore.
Seven. For me to know, for you to find out. ;)


jessbabe said...

happy new year to you my party queen.

Yes, how come no pictures on my bday dinner :( sob sob sob!!! I still love you!

woman, when u lose 7kg, teach me how to lose 3kg k?

everyday party, drink and smoke, how to be healthier???

BTW, I've moved to my own domain. Update my link and then u may feature me in your blog..wahaha!!!

Darynne G said...

aisheh.. own domain all..
Can John help me to switch or something? I'm stuck here although ive registered my domain.

Man.. Everyone found their partners. I'm so lost now.

YOU woman are so fuggin skinny already. Lose what weight larh. Just cut down on drinking and smoking is good enough. Oh.. and less of Joshua Looi. hahah!

jessbabe said...

John didn't help me! I did by myself, but blogheader by Arsyan and Mike Yip.

My domain was up since May 2007 leh...

and wats with the rant about their partners, thought u're loving it??

Yes, lose Josh Looi, wahaha!

Darynne G said...

Babe.. not when you're on a trip with all couples only. sien ler.. Jealous lah.. come, lets go hunting! lolsss..

Party with us this coming friday!

Anonymous said...

j0sh said.... WTF