Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HO! To The HO! HO!

Its the time of the year again,
when you put up those sweet decorations at the door,
dig into those old recipes and bake trays of cookies,
bring out the old christmas tree long kept in the store room as you hang fake snowflakes and shiny balls deco's on it, and many presents lying under the tree.

Later as the sun goes home,
you sit by the tree, alone,
reminiscing the 'moments' you had and shared all year long.
Good or bad, what's done is done, you learn.

Different faces met this year.
Some overlayered with a mask, some genuine.
You learn more about people and the world that revolve around you.
Truth revealed.

Your career, education, relationships, family and friends,
they each play a different role, casting different responsibilities on you.
At times, I call it pressure.

You see, people you care about, may not appreciate or even realize.
Yet, you never give up on them, because they mean much to you.
They may take you for granted..
or even step on your head to reach out for what they want.
Some call it the 'breakthrough', their cheap little achievements.
That's just the way it is.
Deny all they want, but I know it best.
Because it happens to me..

Distance Doesn't Make A Stranger.
People whom I've befriended in the past two year were awesome.
Just cuz I hardly hangout with them anymore,
doesn't mean they have been forgotten.
That was from the bottom of my heart.
Me hearts you party people.
We are close whenever we meet.
I'll miss them whenever they're not around.
I'll take this opportunity to Thank you guys,
for being there when I was in need,
a shoulder to offer for me to cry on,
all ears for me to whine,
and for all the laughters we've shared.
It was our fun time. Even for the shortest time.
It was the moments that count.
Lookout for your names that have not been erased from the living memory of Darynne Goh.
Zen.Dixon.David C.Chermaine.David K.Jeslyn.Rachel C.Nick D.Chef Ben.JoE K.SQ.Alan T.Sara L.Abigail.Genevieve.Aileen.Eu Joh.Aleng.Alfred F.Nick F.Vince.Dominique.Melissa C.Fung How.Bernice Y.Bryant.Cyuen.Derrick.Boon Jin.Dylan.Jess C.Hairvl.Hui Jing.Ian Y.Jolene T.Ken Joe.Lisa.Royston.Zalfie
.. and all who cared.
LimeLight Peops:
The DJ's (My only companions when I was bored of work)
The Bartenders (Free boozes yoe!)
The Bouncers (My personal bodyguards lalala~)
The Colleagues (For all the things that have been taught to me, they were inspirational)
Featuring :
The Classroom Seven
(The craziest bunch of college mates that I so love!).
The Ego-Bruised Bunch
(Endless yumchar sessions, random long drives, chain-smokers, alcoholics)
The Mardigras Bunch
(The former party group, we'll be seen at Mardigras almost weekly)
The Cili Padis
(My beloveds for a decade, some highschool years)

Make a wish this year.

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Merry Christmas ya'll!
Have a joyous one aights.
Jolly good people..Jolly good.. hohoho!


Anonymous said...

ooohhh..I'm in the list. Love you too

sara said...

i see my name! (:
i miss you!! meet up soon, kaayy? (:

st3ffie said...

O.o newborns are on your wish list? hahahah.. interesting~ =p

Darynne G said...

No one special will ever be forgotten. :)

Steffie.. That's on SOME people's wishlist, doesn't have to be mine. hahah.