Thursday, October 30, 2008


An appreciation post on their blog. Wow, I feel really appreciated. ;)

Honestly, I don't exactly remember how did I get to know about Fashionoid, prolly when I was blog hopping, doing some online shopping..yea.

It actually caught my attention with its vintage layout. hah.
But, above all, it was still because of the updates on the old school bazaars and many places with great deals on shopping.

Now, tell me again why wouldn't I be interested? ;) :0

And they've just updated their blog. Go have a look. Maybe I could see you there? :6

Well done! Fashionoid . and Thanks.


Now, my blog layout went cuckoo and I don't know how on earth to fix it.
Deja vu babeyh. It's like what happened to my shapalapadingdong blog.
I think I'll need to get a domain name to continue my hobby.

...or should I just quit blogging?

1 comment:

Fashionoid said...

Thanks for staying with us. We're happy that you're happy.

*Everything About Fashion is Our Business!