Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Penang Tears

Left home at eight in the morning, with dad and sis, we arrived at our destination around twelve. My tummy still felt a lill bloated after the Roti Hawaii that I shared with Josh at three that morning. Therefore, I decided to have something lighter in taste for tummy calming.



Photobucket = RM20+

Penang has always been known for being one of the best historical cities in Malaysia. Just look at the beautiful buildings everywhere! The fine arts created during the British occupation. What more when you find the best varieties of A La Carte's at prices as low as RM2.80 for a bowl of ais-kacang. How often do you find Fish Nasi Lemak? I'm sure you can't find it here in KL!



We don't always get the chance to go up to Penang due to time constrain. When we do, we obviously cannot miss out the yummy deserts, fried oyster, ikan bakar, char keuy teow and etc.

If you were like us, lazy as hell to drive about to different coffeeshops to taste different food, try considering a food court.


Hey hey hey! This' not like the ordinary foodcourt like those we have here in the big city where Myanmar or Indonesian workers are hired to cook Chinese food.

It just taste bad. Over in Penang, the older the cook is, the tastier the food gets! dayUums.
About New World Park, well, lets just say daddi was telling me how it used to be a very popular place where big artists filmed their movies there. (Sorry, too lazy to google it)





Daddi was thrilled that day alright. He's just as crazy as I am like how I get all so excited when I see little puppies on the streets. Oh.. or when I bought this stylo modern Cheongsam at Gurney Mall which costs me RM180+. I instantly fell in love with it.
Deal with it or get outta my face! :p

That Tee Nyah Kueh thingy.. that black sauce is actually brown sugar, not rojak sauce. It was not bad, not 'that' great but acceptable. Bbuttt.... we went back the next day and bought fifteen boxes of it. err.. *scratches head*




I so loved the lok-loks... Fatman steamboat is seriously..SERIOUSLY.. nothing as compared to that. The sauces were just perfecto! That's the essential to all Lok-Loks.. hoho.

Alright, what next? Mee mamak! I've been craving for that since the day I laid my feet on the island. Daddi just couldn't tell me earlier that we were gonna go checkout the chinese speaking indian fellow's place that we saw on television last month. Wow. Two rounds of mee mamak, back-to-back summore. Great!

Now why do I keep telling myself that my weighing machine is spoilt.



After two days of eye torturing, tissue wasting, having all 'samkulokpor' coming up to me and telling me

"ohh... you're so big already ahh.. very pwetty edi ohh.. you remember me ahh.. I used to carry you when you were a baby.. awwww @#%*!" (in Hokkien) ,

I almost lost my mind. Added the secrets revealed to me after all these years, plannings that I was put in responsible of doing for KnockOut, work problems that came up..
I couldn't help but to disobey and lie to everybody about not staying in that night.

I was all on my own in the room afterall, since dad and sis left early, leaving the whole room to myself. Alone, I walked out to the streets in search for a quiet place to have a mind set-back drink.

Thankfully my hotel is just a minute walk away from the Penang version of Heritage Row and a couple of bars with lots of foreigners there. It was a tourist attraction location, very strategic.


I miss the Shell days.. Babes.. *laughs*

What's done is done. Look back but can't turn back. It was so close.. to seeing her for the last time before she left when I had the sudden urge of going down recently. I've mentioned it in my previous post in the Raya week.

It felt as if she tried to reach out to me, I heard, felt it, but ignored.

I was their fav, they were mine too. My Love for them is will never change.

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Tell me when was the last time you did something good for the community? People who are less fortunate than you are? People who don't get to party, drink and shop like you do?

You should feel guilty already, that's even if you're warm blooded.

It's time to take a stand and make a difference!

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UncleJosh said...

you went out to have fun WITHOUT ME~!

Same said...

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Darynne G said...

Uncle... funeral is not fun lerr..
whee.. Im excited bout Sunday! I rsvp you and TJ already! :)