Thursday, October 9, 2008

Too Late

Just couple of weeks back, I remember it was a Sunday. I was watching this TV show called the 'Ho Chak'. A local show that features local food, popular stores at hawker centres all over the nation. Well, dad and sis watches it weekly. So yeah.

I remembered they were featuring Penang food that day, both dad and I were just talking about it and all, we were just saying how we missed the food back there. In my heart I was thinking of going down during Raya for a couple of days just to chill out a lil bit and maybe visit my grandma over there. I've always thought to myself, I should see her, I should see her.. but never once got the chance to do that ever since my grandpa passed away. She had Alzheimer so I thought maybe she wouldn't recognize me at all and that I still have plenty of time to see her. Drag and drag and drag.

The last reason that actually is bringing me back to Penang again, now, the place where I was born, is a funeral. Her funeral.
We were both borned in the year of Snake (Chinese Zodiac) and we both loved spicy food. I remembered how she and grandpa used to come over to my place everyday with my favourite junk food and new toys just cause they pampered me most amongst my other cousins. I was their favourite. Even when it's Chinese New Year, they will both give me a special red packet and told me not to tell my cousins. I loved them so much. It's just a total different thing as compared to my grandparents here whom I was never close to.. or even wanna be close to.
It's too late to do anything right now. Nothing at all..

I was stoned when mom called this afternoon.

I just lost a friend, now Her?

Just few days back, Lisa and Melissa told me about the death of their friend.
What is going on? Is it like the month of death or what?

I just couldn't express my feelings right now. It just aches and I can't do anything about it..
Babes.. if you want to do anything, do it now. If you wanna say anything, say it now. We never know what will happen next. Only God knows. ..before it's too late.

2 comments: said...

My condolences... Just take a minute out of your day and pray. Say to her things you've never had the chance to say. God will convey your message... Hang in there.. <3

Darynne G said...

I will. Whoever this is, Thanks. :)