Friday, October 17, 2008




Special Thanks to beloved Boss/Raj of Lucid Events and Chocolate Graphics
.....the greatest mentor ever, Russel Channon of TimeOutKL
.....Khugan-Mughan-Shoogan-Phoogan/Noel of NSTP
.....the hot photographers, Uncle Josh & TJ of Juice
.....the famous Josh Lim of Advertlets

for your support and love.


Two rounds of Quattro, BORING.

Thursday night-SQ got Joe and I media passes to be the few firsts' to checkout the new club in town, Quattro, Avenue K. It's like a bigger version of Scarlet. There were buffet served for dinner and free flow of alcohols. However, the music was poor for such places. *thumbs down* The Winter Room's cool though, another one like Sanctuary's.

Friday night-SQ got me a table for my friends. Should I say I was under the media list or the RSVP guest. Whatever. Steffie, Clay and I followed Matthew's car down. Sue Ann, Josh, Daniel, Michelle, Sanny,Fuzzie and all came later. Again, I was disappointed again. So, we left to Passion and spent the rest of the night there.

Well.. pictures to be uploaded soon. Gonna crash at Wei San's place tonight.

See you @ The Apartment tomorrow! muah!

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