Monday, October 27, 2008

Various Ocassions Ended In Tears

Friday, 24 Oct. Jeslyn's Birthday Dinner @ Itallian Kitchen, Jaya 33.
The Lil girl looked hot that night. :)
Self-invitation, drama, selfishness is strictly prohibited on my birthday party.

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After her birthday dinner, I joined Josh and all @ Bar Celona.
Ask me why was I there again?

There was apparently this girl who can down a bottle of whisky by herself and she will be there for Fooz's friends' birthday that night. So the boys damn gian wanna see who's that.
I busybody tagged along also la.

Turned out that she's this petite girl but we still wouldn't believe what rumours have said about her because she didn't wanna drink with us. hmm.

However, it was one hell of a fun night. Boys got to watch free show on the bar, we girls got to dance our hearts out.

Saturday, 25 October. Quattro.
Josh and I went to Sri Petaling for Tomyum dinner. A pot of tomyum seafood, a plate of vegetable and pandan chicken for less than RM45 bucks. Delicious and Reasonable.


All stuffed and overly-satisfied, we had a drive to Shan's to meet her, Jenny, PV and guess who else was there?
Michelle! ahahhaha!

Someone was practically screaming in the car when he saw her.

Later Fooz followed us to Quattro. OOO.. Amirul has a hot friend there.

Dah la dinner was too much. The two hungry-ghost went hunting for supper after that.
Now tell me when can I lose those calories accumulated in the past two months from all the drinking and smoking with no workout.

Would somebody please be kind enough to take over my membership at Cali Midvalley so that I could get my ass out of there and enrol my fat ass into True?

Now, where are the famous makan places in KL? KL Beef Noodle?

Do you eat pork? No pok? No Pok?

The boys brought me to this place at Petaling Street. Quite a number of after party hantu's were there. Their Siu Yok Mee was WAAAAAAAAy better than any pork alacartes you can find in town.

Deep-fried pork slices mixed in wanton noodle-like noodle. I gave in to temptation that night. It was so irresistable.

If you have fetish for loh shi fun, that's definitely the place to go. You can so forget about the one at Murni's. yuccks!

Tuesday, 21 October. Jonz Monz's birthday @ La Bodega, Bangsar.
Eunice planned the surprise party for him but too bad, he found out months ago.

It was a surprise that ended with an unplesent ending.

The Johore pictures are not ready yet. Stay tuned baby. Adios.

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