Thursday, January 1, 2009

Guest Bloggers To Kick Start 2009

The Deecks Side

"To all the retarded people out there, I'm Joshua. Its been a very retardsed 2008. I hope it gets more retarded in 2009. I retardedly had fun all night long and I hope you guys can join my retardedness, to kick-start this fantastically retarded 2009. Look out for more retarded posts in future." -Joshua-

"HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Many thanks to our wonderful host this year (Matthew) for ushering in the new year at his house party. Rocking pad yo!" -Foo-

"Happy NEW YEAR to everyone that have came to my place for the pot luck home party.Thanks for coming and i hope you had a wonderfull time as being the bad Host (said by shorty darynne G) just because i never introduce friends to her. God bless everyone - Matthew -

"Happy New Year" -Ger-

Stef n Sue is watching Wild Child, learning to be a bimbo in hope to be a bimbo for the year 2009

Wolla biacthees. Love much! "Happy Bimbotic New Year!"

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