Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey blogville...

Much love missing since I last blogged about anything.
Okay okay, I shall revive this dust collecting site again since you've been calling out my name every time I click on other blog sites.. maybe start doing video posts too! meh.. I camera shy.

SOOOOO MUCH have taken place in the past few months. Events after events, trips after trips (okay la maybe just a few trips). Either way, my photo albums are taking much space on my Facebook and hardisk. Time to share share a bit.

SO, I start with some self-taken vain shots to remind you of how I look. Well,

My job and I, we have this love-hate relationship thingy going on. I enjoy it but hate it at the same time. Maybe because it isn't buying me my car yet. Whiny working people like me. No fun ya knoe? Events line is not as glamorous as you may think, it is a very depressing job that destroys your social life and contributes to your beer belly. Clients drink, suppliers drink, bosses drink, colleagues drink... summore got friends leh? You think my liver is immortal? Siaoh!

Despite all that whining session, I did enjoy some perks out of it. Such as free goodies, opportunities to meet potential future bosses, working with celebs.......... speaking of celebs!
I worked with a couple of local 'celebrities'/entertainers/goodlookingpeople) this year, (last year was Will Quah, Julie Woon, JJ and Ean). This year would be again, my favourite host, Julie Woon, Hannah Tan... hear me say HANNAH TAN. She's sizzling hot. I would date her if I was a man. Oh, she's seeing Remy from Inuendo now, lucky fellah. Oh, I met Amber Chia too! She can speak English okay, don't pray pray..

Along the way, I met Moe Nasrul (a very funny guy who turns out to be a mutual friend of mine with a highschool friend. I actually thought he was gay in the beginning of our conversation. SHHHH!), Douglas Lim (when he cracked the 'Buddha-Jesus-Nabi joke), Reshmonu (my bosses were in discussion on something with him. i don't know what's the story but the least I know, or say I'm pretty sure that I didn't leave much of a good impression on him and his wife the last he visited my office!) and Henry Golding (did I mention that he's really really REALLY good looking with that sexy smile?).. hmm did I miss out on anyone else? I don't know, gotta review my FB photo collection page again.

Enough with the celebs, I'll post up pictures of them in my next or next next or next next next post anyway. Enough also with the babble, I'll talk more about it next time, I've stared at the notebook the entire day so I'm pretty exhausted right now. Time for some pampering with my new Dermalogica products at home. A young woman like me looking five years older because of improper practice of whatsoever (I meant losing out on face treats and proper lifestyle) is no good.

Until then be good and........Happy Cheerio!

Before scrolling down, don't say I didn't slap you a warning before hand. Images are...blahblahblahyaddayaddaaayadda.....
CLICK 'X' if irritation occurs. Seek medication if condition persists.

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