Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Babies

Happy Barfday to you..
you are born in the zoo..
with the monkeys and donkeys..

Sie Yuen's Birthday

BOSS MAN ROY (that's also his e-mail address by the way)
So close to home. CJ's, the only pub available at 32 Square PJ. The only place besides Jaya One and Jaya 33 where I have access to beers. It was my first time there and I quite like their live band.

sugar glider owner . AV dude . Hairy man

That's the old man singing. Surprisingly, he can.

noone's ever too old for a flaming?

I just returned from Johore yesterday and it was one hell of an eventful weekend. My colleague, Wallace, got into a really horrifying car crash on the way down south when a truck knocked him when trying to cut into his lane. His car toppled over after a few spin and he had himself pulled out of the car. A typical case of hit and run. (That again reminds me of how much I hate rowdy truck drivers) I'll share the shots in the next post.


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