Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last year, a crisis arise for Honda Malaysia - 'My Honda Tak Guna' by Jess Ross.
It has done much damage for the corporation and affected their sales volume here in the country. I mean, come on. We're living in the world of technology where 80% of people aged below 50 are IT-literate and news circulate within clicks. I even received several forwarded e-mails from clients and friends regarding this issue at that point of time. Insiders were telling me about how many of Honda drivers began to lodge complaints of the same issue and the increase of order cancellation after the incident. Monkey see, monkey do. Then, i truly understood the meaning of Crisis Management (I once learned that in college and scored the paper okay). Why wouldn't Honda just replace that faulty unit with a brand new piece and save all that trouble of going through the whole legal process and having their name exploited by such a small issue. Or, just stop using poor quality parts and live up to the brand. No rocket science dude..

Funny part was, Ross had strangers (the management level men in the car industry which I can't reveal) approaching him regarding the MHTG case. That was hilarious! Highlight my words.

The irony here, my dad suggested Honda City to me since I plan to get my own car when my sis gets her license in a couple of months time (which I would have a couple of hundreds less to spend every month). I quite like the design of the car, price is as well within my budget, specs and maintenance are fine too... but.. Honda? Should I take the risk?

Just google 'Jess Ross Honda' and these' what you'll find spread across the next few pages...

Dear brand owners... learn your lesson right.

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