Monday, March 28, 2011

I've just visited Wallace at the hospital first time since I got back from JB on Saturday.
Like I mentioned in my previous post, he got transferred to Tropicana hospital (that is like a hotel, not hospital. Have you been there!??)
Before that, for the entire day, my colleagues have been asking about him; "How's Wallace?", "What happened to him?", " How badly is he injured"... the list goes on, and, it was a repetition of the same questions..

It is either because of the e-mail that our HR woman, Aileen blasted out (when things like these happen, internal e-mails always pops up on our Outlook screen. In other words, we get first hand information). That shows how WE CARE.

That was so sensible of her. But hey, that IS her job, RIGHT? (HAHAH, CHILLING AILEEN, CHILL. JUST KIDDIN!) Every time anybody asked bout Wallace, I felt like taking out a recorder and replaying the whole story telling session...over and over again. (MEL! Don't pretend that you didn't think of that)

Goodness gracious!
I know, I know, everybody was just concerned (I shouldn't have mms-ed my boss Wallace's ninja turtle car's photo; that shot was taken by the fellows with walkie-talkies when it first got toppled over). Oh right, they're known as the CALL-MAN (sounds like HITMAN aye? except that they carry those talkies instead of guns and daggers).

Yeah, I have more shots to show of him below..

First thing he said when he got out of the ward when we met him at Batu Pahat general hospital was: ".. the emergency dude took the money from my wallet". Second was: (in Mandarin, "my hair cannot grow back already", with a sad face) AWWWWW... kesian, for a VAINPOT like him, yes, PITIFUL indeed. But puh-lezz, he's already planned to go under the knife again to get his scalp fixed next year. THAT IS TRULY OUR DJ BUTTER FINGERS! (I bet the first place he'll go when he gets out of his sick bed would be SENSE TTDI and he'd stay there on the console sticking his butter fingers to the turn-tables until morning)

Okay, okay, I may have lied about the crutches. He's absolutely fine.. Okay, I may have lied (or not) also about posting the ninja turtle car pictures in this post. Spare me please. I've yet to have time to edit those pictures. (I have the tendency to fix my photos' saturation and contrast levels before I upload them anywhere)

Okay. I'll keep my words this time. Gimme a couple of hours and it'll be up. By noon. GEEEEHEEE!


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