Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding: Joanne & Ser Hon

Some time last year I attended Daryl's sister's wedding at a faraway hotel (which I forgot where). I kept questioning Jon, why there? It was far from town so I thought maybe they're having a budgeted wedding. Somehow, that hotel turned out to be huge and pretty, of course, expensive too. I liked the whole decoration and set up... little little things from flower settings to registration counter, door gifts, backdrop and opening gambit (they had a huge seashell thingy. weird i know).. Wedding is such a complicated thing.

Since we weren't close to the newlyweds, we decided to have our own little photography session. Sort of like a family portrait (with someone I really isn't fond of in it, unfortunately), and Liang was our so-called photographer that night (he's a very dangerous person to shop with because he will psycho you to buy things you don't need = SPLURGING on RUBBISH) (yes, he's very vain too).

More pictures on my Facebook. (Sorry, it is only viewable for friends)

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