Wednesday, March 23, 2011

People'n Rich-H Potluck 2011

Potluck in the conference room.

Potluck Group 1-w

Creative Department.

Potluck Group 3-w


Potluck Group 2-w

In conjunction with our big boss, Richard Steven (whom I renamed as Mahatma Ghandi)'s birthday, we had our yearly lunch potluck. Of course, all halal, we had a very yummy hearty lunch. Everyone played roles to bring a dish (we PE chose to buy some pastries from Le Merienda which by the way is super yummy) and gathered upstairs for the get-together.

People'n Rich is such a great place to work at (not shoe licking) mainly because of the people. We are like a big family here when all five companies come together (PnR consists of People Experience, Ambient Media, Display Asia, Media Consortium and People'n Rich Advertising). Really. When I first joined in 2009, I thought I was just gonna be working in a small time local bred organization, but hey! People Experience Events & Marketing (owned by Jess & Richard) are part of a holdings company (Owned by Richard & Hakuhodo Japan) which is pretty darn awesome! From a shared office on M floor with Ambient and Display when we first started, we eventually expanded and moved into our pretty little cozy office on the 1st floor.

Yes, we own two blocks here. Although parking is inconvenient, MBPJ visits often and food choices are limited, Damansara Plaza is actually a very comfortable neighborhood to work at. We have Sids Pub, Escobar and the german pub right downstairs, fine dining restaurants like Chef Diary, Flamenco, Chef n Brew down the road and big corporations like Dentsu, Adidas, Apple and VHQ at the back row.

So yeah. I'm just waiting for our next company trip, wonder where will we be going this year (we went to Phuket last year). Enjoy the pictures. Cheerios!


EkLern said...

eh hello .. it's DBKL lah .. not MBPJ lah ..

aduihai .. work there so long dunno how to differentiate the local council

Darynne G said...

too bad man. they're all penguins to me. (a term for busybody too-free-nothin-better-to-do cops). I once had a total of 1.2K worth of summons alright!