Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding: Prashan & Shermaine

Now you have seen the Indian wedding at Melaka (Prashan's a mix) How did the proposal go? (I like the part when he was on his knees, Shermaine went on blabbering for awhile before accepting the ring) Kesian... kesian.. but he still nailed it in the end.

A knot was tied on the 26th of March at Oriental Banquet PJ (They had their first wedding at Melaka). The bride was married to a casual singer/blogger of MelakaBoy/DiGizen. The groom was married to.......(I don't know her in person but all I can say is she's a sweet looking thing). LUCKY MAN!

Wedding was scheduled to start at 6.30pm (I was speeding at 140km/h with Kelisa for this kay)
but ended up conforming to the typical Malaysian timing and started around 8pm. Thank God my house was just around the corner. Jon's IN2 colleagues and Geoff was put at our table that night with a few other guys. Well well... lights was switched off due to Earth Hour, special performance by the groom himself and a kid... yadda yadda I missed some of it. The food was slightly different from your ordinary Chinese 8-course menu so thumbs up for that pick.



Anonymous said...

glad u came! thanks for writing. :)

Darynne G said...

you're welcome. hurry make baby!