Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Hit Me One More Time

16th of January 2009, held the oh-so-whitish private party at...
somewhere in KL.
It was a Fry-day where I got fried that very night which ended up at Decanter's, Hartamas.

Bad bad mixtures of White Russian, Whiskey, Belvedere, and BEER. YUCK!

Alan T was on duty that night at Rogue, he was, as usual the eye candy at the party. kudos!

MORE..... but I disliked this medicine-like drink...
it was Kahlua+Vodka+Cranberry or somethin like that.. eww!
not my pick for sure

The 360 guys.... coolios

17th of January.. It was oh-so-urhm-interesting
My second Kent @ Space event so far...
The last I went there for it was with Amirul, Blah, Loo and Steffie
Had a tour at Capsquare on that very day for the very first time
Met my now Mr. BoyToy
Ian the Lobster got drunk for the first time since the past two months I was with the agency
and the rest are just mysteries....

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