Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cute Randoms

Today is 14th of January 2008. The last day of my internship in Grey Worldwide.
errr.... lets not go into that.

Elaine alsoknownas Patty, is leaving to Brunei today
Mr. Gerald Leong is gonna weep like a baby all week long..
"Nah... tissue"

Not sure if she's still coming back.

"Safe trip lil missy. Hope to hear from you soon."

Besides Rehka and I leaving G2, Ashley as well, in two days time.
For the first and probably the last time, we had lunch together.
Sakae sushi it was and Eugene, the new intern tagged.
He followed six boobies to shopping after sushi too.

The sushi market is probably doing too well these days that different chains of restaurants are coming up with more new menus' , almost monthly.

"Quality! Not quantity!"

Where can I find simple and good quality stokings or leggings without a heavy price tag?
I just want something to simply match all of my long tops and a little-too-short dresses. The last thing to add onto my 2009 Resolution list is to have a total makeover, inside out.



Said was not my main content of this blog post.

I was out havin breakfast with Rehka at the cafeteria downstairs this morning.
Scratching head thinking of what to eat, we came to this chee cheong fun stall.
As I was looking at the choices displayed, I noticed the presence of a person infront of me looking. I looked up and saw this very familiar face with that face lookin at me with a smile
Then I thought to myself, where have I met him?
So I asked him boldly
He answered "...at the party"
It immediately hit me and I had this flashback of me myself checking out this guy at our Christmas dinner and we cheers-ed.
WOW! I think I kinda got excited for a bit that (syok-sendiriness)
I wanted to ask if he was working with Grey as well but words could not be spoken.
DAMN! I should have spilled it out and ask at least for his name!

So there goes another one
Darynne is STUUUUPID!

So yeah... He reminds me of Alexander Choon, a long lost mixed friend of mine from Lasalle. Except the fact that this cutie was taller and ....

Okays. Enuff of my nonsense.

Thats all I wanna share today.
Boss is back.

Cherry Cheers!

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