Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Euphoria Month

Don't ask me why,
January is just the time for Euphoria, as some prefers to call it MOS.

That place is so over-rated, seriously.
They're getting worse crowd than what they had when they were first launched.
Man.. I miss those days

I was still an intern then, now, back as guest
Here, 'another' Kent I present you..
The lung and liver killer

16th of January 2009 @ Euphoria by MOS

From left: Hakim, DingDong, Michelle and Joanne.
Credits to Kinu.

Jonz's Lengchai friend, Cletus. *swooning* Okay lah.. not THAT great, but acceptable..
Sociable, charming, humorous, tall, with a touch of metro.
Babes, he's worth a try *winks*

Ehh Cletus, Thank me for making you a public icon yeah. hahah!

The above..
Grace G, she's scary when she's at work.
Women power, that sounds better aye?
Wei San, her face appears quite frequently on my blog if you noticed.
She's like my tai kar je.. ganas sial!
You don't wanna disturb her when she's moody.

Now, my guests..
Benjamin Gomes, Janise C, Tan Sri Liang'Kenny, Shang Hong
The Taylor's bunch

Before that was..
15th of January
Got a call from Eunice and Jeslyn to go there
Sure, why not?
It was quite a slow night.
Nothing much except the pretty faces

Oh, and Shahril Gunter, who's like this little boy-sayang whose cheek I would pinch whenever I see him
He's shy..

Thrilled by the many old friends from last year I've met that night
Ken Nie was always like the oldest in our party bunch at Mardigras back then
How classic..
He's still like a big brother to everybody, especially me
Hemraj, Xin Ying, Siang and their new cutie boys.. Ron, was there at the lounge
Down-ing the leftovers of bottles from NY's eve
It is always about the companions and not the place, isn't it?
That's the fun that matters ;)

Yeah yeah.. NOW,
Reload the firecrackers, stock up the 'kueh kah peks' and cookies, abalones and shark fin soups, mandarin oranges, new clothes, new shoes, gamblings, red packets....
yadda yaddaah!
I don't quite feel festive this year
Time flew by too damn fast
I couldn't keep up, sorry
Last year.. around this day of the month
was the time when an incident occurred, then ever since..
things just changed.
You can put the blame on me
I'm an aunt to a baby girl now. Turning Twoee-Ziilo's. Not losing any extras.
Akonista sings: "lonely... I am so lonely.. I have nobody.. to call my own.."
Friends changed. True colours of many seen. Not doing the yearly house-visiting like how we always do. I'm still at where I am.
Okayh. Nuff said.
I'm meeting this Cipet BoyToy.. later
Look at him..
How hideous!
Capable of scaring kids away..

Oh shyt! Nightmare!

Just did a facial, applied some Rosken's skin repair...
a little fix on a total makeover
Little kids... here I come biting tonight!

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