Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ruumz Not Ruums

What am I talking about?
NOT the club..
I meant the NEW Facebook

Catered to Malaysian needs and likes.

A quick recap on a dinner organized by Ruumz some time last year.
Held at Miracle.
The fun part was our camwhore session throughout the entire night!

Jess, John, Gideon, Amanda C, Josh Lim.... Tagged!

John and his never ending *peace* sign.
Oh yes, he's 25. I forgot. What a white lie.

Pink posers in the house! Our pink little goodies.. We flaunt it

Langgar dinding when you see John acting cute.

Presentation on what's new and HOT on Ruumz.
In fact, instead of sending flowers on Facebook, you could actually purchase the real ones with your Blings (money) and deliver it to your beloved's doorstep.

The Faces behind Ruumz

The founder, The Celebrity...

You can even download music, listen to the radio with imaginary DJs, make cool photo flipbooks, upload photos, blog, mobile downloads, videos and a whole lot more of fun stuffs on Ruumz.

I got myself an account there as well so why don't you guys join me there too.
Now, who's buying me flowers?


Drew Lee said...

hi darynne,

thank you for blogging about ruumz.
hope you do have fun & joy experiencing ruumz.

-ruumz team-

kamkuey said...

Dun langgar dinding too hard ya.. keke..

And.. *ahem*.. not 25 lar.. 28. wahaha